Introducing HealthJoy QuickLaunch

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Company News

Our healthcare system is facing an unprecedented challenge.

Some reports estimate we can expect the number of potential coronavirus infections in the US to stretch into the millions. Treating critically ill patients will put an incredible amount of pressure on our healthcare systems. Increasingly, the CDC and other public health officials are urging Americans to turn to telemedicine first. As a benefits experience platform, we want to do our part to alleviate some of that pressure. That’s why we’re rolling out HealthJoy QuickLaunch.

The HealthJoy QuickLaunch process will allow companies to deploy telemedicine and concierge support out to employees in just two business days. Companies have the option to include either HealthJoy EAP or behavioral health with the initial deployment, improving their capacity to address mental health during these stressful times.

We’ve created this QuickLaunch version of HealthJoy’s benefits experience platform to meet the immediate needs of employees. To launch, companies need only supply an eligibility file with basic information enabling HealthJoy to deploy its product fast. After launch, HealthJoy will work with the company to release a full version of HealthJoy within our standard implementation period.

How can you help employees during a pandemic?

Employers and HR departments are stepping up to slow the spread of the virus and ease our healthcare system’s burden with virtual care options. But where to start?

How it works:

  1. Provide HealthJoy with a basic employee eligibility file.
  2. Within two business days – Employees can access telemedicine, healthcare concierge support, and, optionally, HealthJoy EAP or telebehavioral health.
  3. Standard installation – After launch, we’ll begin the process to offer our full benefits experience platform including a custom benefits wallet, provider recommendations, Rx savings reviews, medical bill advocacy, HSA, FSA, and 401k support, and enhanced benefits support, to all employees.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to play out, we are seeing telemedicine increasingly highlighted as a first line of defense. Telemedicine can consult and treat the 80% of people who it’s estimated will experience mild symptoms and won’t need to go to the hospital. Telemedicine helps our hospital systems free up resources for severe cases, and of course, it allows communities to “flatten the curve.”

This product comes in response to requests from companies and benefits consultants for a swifter way to launch our solution. Companies want to provide employees with access to telemedicine and healthcare guidance right now, not in three months. We’ve streamlined the client onboarding process to make getting virtual care as simple as possible.

Launching QuickLaunch more than triples available onboarding capacity during this crisis. We are also working with clients to make telemedicine consultations free for every member, regardless of their health plan, and to encourage this alternative for care in line with CDC recommendations.

We want HealthJoy QuickLaunch to help us build a bridge to care for your employees, and all our members, during this difficult time.

Schedule a demo or talk to sales to learn more about HealthJoy QuickLaunch.

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