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The most advanced artificial intelligence-powered member guidance and engagement platform for TPAs and Carriers

All-in-One Health Benefits Platform

HealthJoy is an all-in-one guidance and engagement platform that helps members make better healthcare decisions. The platform brings together telemedicine, medical claims, HSA, healthcare concierge, Rx savings, a virtual assistant, and more into an easy-to-use app. The platform supports a wide variety of different benefits and plans. We simplify benefits.


Healthcare Concierge

Rx Savings

Virtual Assistant

Digital Health SaaS solution for your members

Focus on growing your revenue and core business rather than investing your company’s time, money, and resources into building and maintaining an engagement platform. HealthJoy’s platform is regularly updated and improved using the latest advanced technologies.

White Glove Support that increases Loyalty and NPS

Although our virtual assistant JOY steals the spotlight, it’s our healthcare concierges that are the backbone of our service. They can provide customer service for all your health plans and guide members to better health outcomes.

A Virtual Assistant That Proactively Engages

JOY, our artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant, provides personalized service for members. She will proactively reach out to and offer help to members based on a wide variety of variables, and she can even redirect members to lower-cost health options.

Increase Member Satisfaction

No matter how good a benefits package is if benefits are difficult to use, you’ll have lower customer satisfaction scores. Our platform makes your offering easy to use, understand and interact with anywhere, anytime. We’ve increased Net Promoter Scores by 8X for existing plans.

Have a Consistent Member Experience

Changing the structure of your benefits? No problem! Keep the same benefits experience year after year regardless of the plan design. Updates will be seamless for members, and they will have access to new information instantaneously.

Easy Strategies that Lower Healthcare Costs

Our platform provides personalized guidance to employees and redirects them to lower care options. With integrated telemedicine, our members understand which level of care is appropriate. Our utilization rates are the highest in the industry.


We’ll Keep Your Data Safe And Secure

We are serious about security, our data and how the handling of that data complies with all HIPAA requirements. We use 256-bit encryption and our data center is audited for SOC2 compliance.

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