Rx Savings

Lowering employees’ prescription spend

Uncover prescription savings using custom strategies and artificial intelligence.

A multi-front war on prescription drug costs

Prescription drugs account for almost 20% of a company’s total healthcare spend. With over 7,000 approved drugs in the U.S., it’s difficult for doctors and patients to know what’s covered. We use 9 different strategies to save people money.

Our 9 Rx savings strategies

Therapeutic alternatives
Manufacturer coupons

Prescription assistance
3rd-party savings programs
Mail-order options

International mail-order
Pharmacy shopping
Dosage optimization
Generic alternatives

JOY is on the job

Our virtual assistant reaches out with friendly messages to help members save on Rx costs. She’ll prompt them to input any medications and dosages, then deliver their information to our medication specialists. JOY is always looking for ways to save, so she’ll regularly remind members to update their medications.

Fully-funded advocacy support

Our concierges help employees navigate your fully-funded insurance plan’s formulary. We advocate for employees on prior drug authorizations and stand beside them if benefits are declined. We’re always there to help them save money and stay healthy.

See the future of benefits

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