HealthJoy Rewards

Reward money-saving healthcare decisions

Give your employees extra incentive to make the right healthcare decision. Rewards are fully customizable and our program delivers 6:1 ROI.

Give employees another reason to choose the right healthcare. Customize HealthJoy Rewards to create a program employees love, and watch ROI soar.

Make changing behavior simple

HealthJoy Rewards allows you to provide your employees with a bonus for using cost-effective healthcare services, facilities, and prescriptions. We’ll even facilitate provider searches and align all parties involved so it’s easy to get the best possible care at a fair price.

A completely integrated experience

When we provide a rewards-eligible recommendation, members see a badge with the amount they’ll earn for taking our advice. It’s simple for the member to participate, and administration takes no additional time. Add this feature to your account at any time.

100% Configurable Program

HealthJoy Rewards is fully customizable by the employer, but we provide nearly 100 recommendations based on industry best practices. With in-network procedure costs varying by 10X, it’s no surprise that our program achieves a solid return even after rewards are paid.

Benefit from our awareness campaigns

We’ve achieved industry-leading utilization thanks to our automated education and awareness campaigns. We’ll roll rewards into these campaigns for year-round awareness. This process ensures your employees know where to go when they need help, and exactly how to take advantage of their employee rewards.

See the future of benefits

With HealthJoy’s personalized guidance and AI tech, improving your benefits experience has never been easier. Schedule a demo today.