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Finding after-hours help in a pandemic

James Workman’s member story. 

A case of late-night worry

It was late on a Friday, and James Workman was feeling off. His cough, congestion, and upper respiratory symptoms wouldn’t usually have worried him much, but these were the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak. James admits his family was on edge. As a practice administrator at Adelante Healthcare, James was all too aware of his heightened risk.

So when his symptoms grew too troubling, his wife pushed him to see a medical provider. After a 55-hour week, though, James was reluctant to go back and seek care.

To put his family at ease, James booked a virtual medical appointment through the HealthJoy app.

Finding care after hours

James admits that before his appointment, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He hadn’t even downloaded the HealthJoy app yet. After breezing through activation, he scheduled a consultation with just a few taps.

“It was intuitive, I could go in, request an appt, add a little blurb, and within 30 minutes, I had answers.”

Those answers set him at ease. During his video chat, James explained his symptoms and described his concerns. Was it coronavirus? His provider didn’t think so; they diagnosed a simple upper respiratory infection and prescribed an antibiotic. Perhaps more importantly, they helped James understand how to follow up.

“The care provider didn’t just give me a prescription. They worked to educate me, provide me care, and put me at ease,” James said.

Service for the whole family

Now, James and his family turn to HealthJoy whenever they need care.
When his young son developed a strange rash, they didn’t rush out to urgent care like they had in the past. Instead, they scheduled a virtual medical appointment for him through the HealthJoy app. They were able to upload a photo and get a prescription sent to their local pharmacy. No co-pay, driving, or waiting room was required.

“It was really, truly one of the best and easiest medical experiences
that we’ve ever had.”

After learning how the HealthJoy app could save his family time and money, James considers it essential. He’s become his workplace’s HealthJoy “cheerleader,” telling everyone that even though they work in healthcare, the app can help them save.

“It saves time, and it saves money,” James said. “We could all use more of both.”

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