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A Quick Fix for a Big Billing Mistake

The College Superstar

It’s common for people to suffer from knee problems as they get older. These issues can have a profound effect not only on mobility but on all aspects of life. Former college athlete Brandon, who is now a sales manager in Kansas City, noticed a clicking sound and felt a slight pain in his joint when walking upstairs. Having suffered a few bad sprains during his competitive days on the tennis court, he knew he should have his knee checked out.

He contacted HealthJoy to find a local in-network doctor, and we scheduled his appointment for later that week. His doctor recommended that he get an MRI from a local facility. Brandon took a photo of the script for the doctor’s recommendation within the app to have HealthJoy confirm that the facility was
well rated.

HealthJoy made the whole process easy. They did the research, booked the appointments and even followed up to make sure everything was ok. It couldn’t be any more simple.”

A Shocking Discovery

A month later, Brandon received a surprise bill from the facility requiring payment for an amount that his insurance wouldn’t cover. “When I got the bill for $917 for the MRI, I was shocked. HealthJoy had told me that I’d reached my deductible for the year, so I wouldn’t need to pay anything. I was angry, so I chatted with someone within the app to complain, and they told me to take a photo of the bill.” It turns out that the facility had mistakenly balance-billed Brandon, a common error made on medical bills.

HealthJoy reviewed the bill, contacted the facility, pointed out their billing error, and ultimately had the bill reduced to zero. “I’m sorry I was so angry when I first began my chat with HealthJoy — they took care of everything. In the past, I might have just paid the bill and been done with it, but HealthJoy made the
process so simple and got it to nothing.”

I now take pictures of almost every bill I receive where I need to come out of pocket. I either get an explanation of what happened or they help me get the bill reduced. I’m surprised how many wrong bills I got this year; I think I saved another $100 on other bills by just submitting them within the app,” said Brandon. “I’ve shared my story with a few people at the office and now tell everyone to use HealthJoy, especially when they receive a bill.”

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