Healthcare concierge

Trusted support for employees navigating the healthcare system

Our healthcare concierges save your employees time and money.

Provider and facility recommendations

Choosing the right provider can have a huge impact on the quality and cost of care an employee receives. Our complex internal process uses both public and private data to make a personalized recommendation for every member.

Explanation of

Most employees are confused by their benefits. In fact, only 4% of Americans can define the most common health insurance terms. Our concierges can answer your employees’ questions, explain what’s covered, and even chat about prescription formularies. We make it easier to make an informed decision.

Care redirection

Our concierges are always looking for ways to minimize your employees’ healthcare spend. One key strategy is redirecting care to less expensive options. For example, we might recommend a less-expensive urgent care facility when someone asks us to search for an emergency room. In fact, 50% of our telemedicine usage comes from redirected local provider requests.

Claims help

Our concierges help your employees sort out and resolve claims and related paperwork problems. We work on coverage issues and help members understand the coding and payment rules that apply to their circumstances.

See the future of benefits

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