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Benefits communication guide

In this guide, we’ve rounded up our best tips for improving your benefits communication. Whether you want strategies for open enrollment or to improve your year-round communications, this guide has resources for every benefits communication conundrum.

Content Guides

Telemedicine guide

Telemedicine use is growing at an exponential rate. In this guide, we’ll share our best tips on how to make this underutilized benefit work better for your company.

COVID-19 Employer Resource Guide

We’re committed to helping you navigate the coronavirus pandemic. In this guide, we’re helping you deal with business considerations sparked by the pandemic using the latest resources and guidance.

COVID-19 Member Resource Guide

Our COVID-19 Member Resource Guide is designed to help HealthJoy members navigate common coronavirus questions. Inside, you’ll find resources for testing, mental health support, telemedicine, and more, updated regularly.

Content Guides

EAP guide

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a fixture of almost every employer-provided healthcare program, yet it’s largely ignored. Learn why an EAP benefit is so essential and how to help employees make the most of it in this guide.

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