Communicate & Automate

Making benefits easy to use and understand

Our communication tools and AI assistant, JOY, work year-round to make sure you’re reaching and engaging employees.

Reach out beyond OE

Simplify your job with continual education campaigns led by our AI assistant, JOY. Help them remember their flu shots, remind them to check their cholesterol, reach out about EAP, and more.


JOY, our virtual assistant, leads employees through the app experience. She helps us quickly guide members to the right services, including live support. With JOY, you can give employees the personal attention they deserve without sacrificing more of your time.


JOY, our virtual assistant, is a trusted guide of our app experience. She’s the first face welcoming your employees into the app and guiding them through our features. She walks members through many of our services, collecting any information that’s needed and assisting our concierge staff. JOY allows our company to personalize our connections with members at scale.

Personalized communications

Reach your engagement goals with our powerful platform. We identify members with low engagement and send personalized messages that drive them back to the app. They stay engaged, and your benefits stay top-of-mind.

See the future of benefits

With HealthJoy’s personalized guidance and AI tech, improving your benefits experience has never been easier. Schedule a demo today.