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How Truss Simplified Its Own In-house Benefits to Increase Employee Satisfaction

For more than 44 years, Truss has specialized in providing the best employee benefits and human resource solutions in the Kansas City market. From a humble beginning, they have grown to be the second-largest independent insurance brokerage due to their dedication to bringing the most innovative products to market and putting their clients’ needs at the forefront of everything they do. When it came time to provide their employees with benefits, they knew they needed to deliver the best experience possible. They launched HealthJoy at the beginning of May 2018, and within 60 days they knew they had found a solution that would change the way people engage with benefits.

“Our previous benefits package consisted of several different vendors including a telemedicine provider that had siloed experiences. We wanted to centralize the consumer experience and decided to go with HealthJoy. Our employee satisfaction has skyrocketed, and the amount of benefits questions I receive on a daily basis has dropped 50%.”

– Molly Nardiello, Director, Human Resources


“Angelique from HealthJoy called me after work yesterday. She spoke to ReneeLombardo yesterday, and she assured me that my full refund is on the way. Angelique is staying on top of a medical bill review I started until all was reconciled. The HealthJoy system was very responsive and wonderful. I am grateful for everything you and they have done for me.”

“I want to send a major positive vote for the HealthJoy service that is provided to us by Truss. My husband has had some very complicated problems with getting his medical claims paid through his health plan. HealthJoy stepped right in and directed a 4-way phone conversation with all the major players involved and is working to get things resolved. Although it’s not fully settled, we feel very confident that HealthJoy, acting as his professional advocate, will help us solve a yearlong battle to get his claims paid. Putting a professional in our corner to fight for us through all the mistakes and red tape is priceless!”










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