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Changing Lives Starts With An Amazing Staff

How we helped time-strapped employees make better healthcare decisions

Northern Rivers is a non-profit on a mission to “empower children, adults, and families to change their lives and build stronger communities.” This mission helps them recruit compassionate people that put the lives of others ahead of their own. Human services staff often have little free time, resulting in quick decisions regarding their healthcare. Here’s how we helped Northern Rivers employees take back control over their healthcare.


With changes in NY State reimbursement and funding, Northern Rivers needed to increase focus on containing healthcare costs. Unlike many companies in the private sector, they couldn’t shift costs to their employees. Their staff couldn’t afford the increased financial burden. Many of their employees work second jobs and remain committed to Northern Rivers because of their love for the work. These incredible employees are dedicated to their communities and put their work before their personal life. As a result, many employees didn’t take time to research their care options and treated the ER as a primary care office.


We knew that Northern Rivers cared deeply about their staff and wanted to figure out a solution to empower their 1,400 employees to make better healthcare decisions. Their team managed 70 programs in 36 counties throughout New York state, so this distributed workforce was tough to keep up to date with any HR news. They needed a way to seamlessly communicate with their employees and give them an on-demand resource for healthcare guidance.


Since 1829, Northern Rivers has been at the forefront of innovation in their field. Their approach to benefits was no different.

“By looking at our claims data, we knew that people were higher utilizers of expensive services like urgent care and ER. When speaking with our employees, we understood they were time-strapped and were looking for quick solutions for their healthcare,” said Bill Gettman, CEO at Northern Rivers. “Once we saw the support that HealthJoy could supply to our members, we knew it would be a great solution. Our people are healthier, we’re spending less on healthcare, and employees can work the hours they want without having to miss days to see a doctor for common conditions.”

Within five months of launch, over 70% of all eligible employees had activated their HealthJoy account and used the app. 37% of all employees used the app each month in that time. HealthJoy has answered an average of 2.7 questions per members since launch, and Northern Rivers is on track for 99% annual telemedicine utilization

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