Bring your own strategies—we’ll make them better

You spent a lot of time building the perfect benefits package. Our experience platform improves awareness and utilization while accelerating your cost-containment efforts.

Promote discovery with centralized benefits

Competition for talent is fierce. To get an edge, you’re adding more competitive benefits every year. Yet outside of open enrollment, utilization and awareness are critically low. We reverse the trend by putting all your benefits upfront in our benefits wallet to promote discovery and awareness.

Employee navigation experts

HealthJoy is backed by a concierge team that understands your benefits package inside and out. Using our custom AI-powered CRM, they can quickly help your employees navigate their benefits. We’ll make sure they remember to use your onsite clinic, international mail-order program, and more. Our customer success managers will work with you to develop a custom strategy for employees to make the most of their benefits.

Ditch your benefits booklet

Those paper benefits booklets stuffed with website URLs and phone numbers just won’t cut it anymore. Your employees don’t know how to find the numbers they need to reach care, and making appointments is difficult. Keep every number, email, and website at hand in an on-the-go, always-accessible mobile application. When it’s this simple to use your benefits, you won’t believe how high your utilization rates can climb.

See the future of benefits

With HealthJoy’s personalized guidance and AI tech, improving your benefits experience has never been easier. Schedule a demo today.