Everyone loves sugar, it’s a part of being human.  These days it’s everywhere within our food supply.  It’s almost impossible to avoid!  Many of us are addicted to sugar, it’s a tough cycle to break.

The great news is that you can break the addiction following the advice within this graphic.
Here’s the 10 day sugar addiction detox plan by Mark Hyman, MD.

Sugar Addiction Detox in 10 Days

How to kiss sugar addiction goodbye

(The Sugar addiction detox cheatsheet)

1. Make the decision

2. Quit cold turkey

3. Don’t drink your calories

4. Add protein to every meal

5. Eat the right carbs

6. Include good fats at every meal

7. Manage your stress

8. Quit gluten and dairy

9. Sleep

Sugar Addiction Detox

Source: Cleveland Clinic

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