HealthJoy hires Data Science Director Scott Murdoch

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Company News

We’re very excited to announce the latest addition to the HealthJoy family, Scott Murdoch. As our new Director of Data Science, Scott is a critical force in building out our data science practice, which will become the foundation for our platform and our growth. He brings deep industry knowledge, unrivaled claims experience, and a strong practical knowledge of AI and machine learning. His role HealthJoy will be focused on making our platform smarter and expanding the available context of our recommendation-all to help our members make more informed healthcare decisions.

Scott joins us from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, where he spent over four years as a senior member of the BCBS Health Index team, working to develop the Health of America Health Index. Before BCBS, Scott was an Econometrician at Ford Motor Credit Company. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Hope College in Economics and Business Management, as well as Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Economics from West Virginia University.

“Scott brings a rare combination of a strong pedigree in data science, AI, and machine learning, and experience in practical development with claims in a big data setting,” said Justin Holland, CEO and Co-Founder at HealthJoy. “His knowledge and experience will be critical in scaling our platform and we look forward to building out a data science team with his leadership.”

We got a chance to sit down with Scott and talk through his decision to join us and what he’s most excited about bringing to HealthJoy.

Scott, we’re thrilled you’re here. Tell us about yourself.

Thrilled to be here! Professionally, I’ve been in data science now for about 7 years and I moved to Chicago about four years ago for an exciting opportunity with BCBS. While I was there, I worked on the Health of America Health Index, an initiative examining claims data to identify individualized scores of how people actually live compared to both their optimal life and American averages. Personally, I live in the Chicago suburbs with my wife and our two kids. We have a four month old and a three year old, and my family is the biggest part of my life right now. I’m also an avid traveler – I’ve been to 27 countries and 5 continents…and counting.

Why HealthJoy?

First and foremost, the mission to reduce costs and improve customer experiences in the American healthcare system really resonated with me, especially after my work over the past four years. The insurance industry is old school in more ways than one, so I’m excited to be in a position to really affect change with an exciting technology that leverages artificial intelligence and analytics. At HealthJoy, my work will have a real impact on real people, and that’s very cool.

What are you most excited for in your new role?

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to build a data science program from the ground up at a fast-growing company with an established technology platform. I’ll have an opportunity to develop the models we use, choose the technologies, and work directly with Justin and the incredible engineering team.

I have two main goals in my role: the first is to help drive the customer experience with our virtual assistant, to streamline that process and make it super easy for our members to get exactly what they need the first time around. The second is to streamline our CRM and partner integrations, to make sure that our team and our partners have what they need to empower our members as seamlessly as possible.


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