Product Update: Schedule Appointments with HealthJoy

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Product

At HealthJoy we are always looking for ways to make the healthcare experience simpler for our members. That’s why we are taking our provider, procedure, and facility recommendations to the next level by handling appointments. Members will now have the ability to manage and schedule appointments right within the HealthJoy app.

Whether they need to locate a new provider, find a local lab for blood work or visit the best hospital in their neighborhood, we make it easy. We provide well-researched recommendations and handle all the scheduling on their behalf. Since our Concierge team has member plan and benefits information, they always make sure that our recommendations are in network. Our concierge will double check provider and facility participation when scheduling appointments via a phone call.

scheduling appointments

Members have three ways to access this new feature within our app: members can request a new appointment directly from their benefit wallet; they can ask JOY, our virtual assistant, to schedule appointments; or they will be automatically prompted to schedule an appointment after asking for a doctor or facility recommendation.

Members can specify the time window that works best for them, and as soon as the appointment is confirmed it will be added to their HealthJoy inbox. The app will also send reminders the day before an appointment to ensure that a member doesn’t forget. If something comes up, we can help you reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Members can always reach out to the HealthJoy concierge team if they have questions about their appointment both before or afterwards. Our concierge will even send them a note afterwards to make sure everything went smoothly and offer additional help.

Appointment setting – just one more way that HealthJoy is improving the healthcare experience.

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