HealthJoy Product Update: Summer 2018

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Company News

It’s officially summer, the best time of year in Chicago. We’ve been hitting up a bunch of street fests and watching the 4th of July fireworks at Navy Pier but don’t worry, we’ve been hard at work improving our product. Our summer release has a bunch of goodies for both our users and tools for our Concierge staff to deliver outstanding results. As always we’ve also sprinkled a little more artificial intelligence into our product as well.

Rx Decision Center

We’ve made some changes to both the front and backend when it comes to delivering drug savings. Our graphics team has spent countless hours to get everything pixel perfect, and our UI designers have created a layout that’s easier to understand. We’ve also redesigned the backend to make it easier for our Concierge to deliver results.

Health Opportunities

For companies that have either connected an analytics platform to our system or are working with a TPA that supplies us claims data, we now display health opportunities to our members. These opportunities are based on historical claims data and make recommendations based on industry best practices. Here are a few reasons for new opportunities:

  • Age-based or seasonal screenings
  • Recommended vaccines
  • Inappropriate prescribed medications
  • Suggested medication based on evidence-based guidelines

Implementation Workspace

When launching HealthJoy at a company, we now have an easy to use self-serve tool FOR HR to make sure everything is perfect.  They can upload eligibility files, essential documents, plan information and more. They can add company logos, preview the benefits wallet, and customize the experience.

New Reporting

We’ve automated and redesigned our company reports. They are now gorgeous and make understanding the success of your program as easy as possible. It’s full of charts that give you a quick snapshot on how you’re doing, and we’ll even let you know how you’re doing versus other companies. We distribute these reports every month.

Bringing AI to eligibility files

Eligibility files can be a source of frustration for both HR and brokers. A single error within a file will sometimes break other systems. To streamline the process, we’ve created a system that uses artificial intelligence and fuzzy matching to make the whole process work easier.

New Demo Experience

We’ve rolled out a new demo experience for people testing out the app. Our consulting partners will appreciate the updates.

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