The end of winter is upon us, and here in Chicago we are looking forward to the Spring flowers blooming. This is a fairly big update for us but many of the improvements will happen in the backend to our custom built Member Management CRM Platform. This CRM is what we use to service our members. That doesn’t mean we’ve left out a few goodies for our members. You got some fun toys to play with that will improve your healthcare experience. As always, this is a free update for anyone that has the HealthJoy service at their company.

Richer Inbox Cards

We’ve completely redesigned our inbox cards. If you issue a service request, you’ll now receive the information in our new, easy to read card layout. It contains more information and actionable shortcuts to call a provider, get driving directions and much more.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

For eligible accounts, we will now show your HSA balance information right from within the app. You’ll always know how much money you got to spend on your healthcare, right from within your benefits wallet.

Health Insurance Deductible

Your deductible is a specific amount your health insurance plan requires you to pay out of pocket toward medical expenses each year. You can now view your deductible and out of pocket limits for both you and your family from your plan benefits screen (for eligible plans.)


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