Premier Consulting Associates Selects HealthJoy as Employee Guidance Platform

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Company News

HealthJoy has partnered with the dominant agency in Western New York and we’re excited to share the news. Premier Consulting Associates has selected HealthJoy as their preferred technology solution for employee guidance. They are an independent consulting firm that works with employers of all sizes to manage their healthcare benefits. Premier manages over $1 billion in insured, self-funded and prescription drug claims. Their clients will now be able to add HealthJoy as part of their benefits package and leverage artificial intelligence to lower their healthcare costs.

“Premier has a track record of selecting the best technology solutions for their clients,” said Doug Morse-Schindler, President and Co-Founder of HealthJoy. “Healthcare costs continue to rise and the executives at Premier understand that the only way to tackle the problem is to help empower employees to make better healthcare decisions. Their reputation for bringing forward-thinking approaches to benefits attracted us to partner with them, and we’re glad to work together to bring our solution to market.”

HealthJoy has the ability to help companies contain healthcare costs by redirecting care to higher quality, lower cost providers. For example, we can encourage the use of an online doctor consultation rather than have an employee go to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Or our concierge staff can recommend that an employee go to a specific MRI facility that uses the same equipment but charges thousands of dollars less than other facilities nearby (sometimes this difference can be 10X.) Both employees and employers benefit from HealthJoy’s easy-to-use and time-saving resources.

“In today’s on-demand world, employees expect a better experience from their employee benefits. HealthJoy has built the most advanced healthcare guidance platform on the market,” said William Brothers, CEO and Founder of Premier Consulting Associates. “Their use of technologies like artificial intelligence are years ahead of the competition. They can provide personalized communication at the member level based on their specific healthcare benefits.   We are excited to bring this solution to all of our clients.”

For more information about how we’re helping Premier Consulting Associates clients transform benefits for their employees and contain costs visit:

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