HealthJoy’s New HR Dashboard is LIVE!

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Company News

Our company mission has always been to simplify the benefits and healthcare experience for employees. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of an all-new employer dashboard that greatly enhances the client and broker experience. Our team has applied the insights learned from hundreds of clients to bring more simplicity and enhanced customization to our dashboard.

Streamlined Implementation & Renewals Process (Q4 2019)

One of the most powerful things about HealthJoy is the personalized experience that each member receives. From the first time a member logs in to the app or chats with our concierge team, we deliver moments of “WOW.” Members see their tailored benefit cards when they log in, and JOY, our virtual assistant, greets them by name. They might even instantly receive a message with suggestions for saving money on their prescriptions. To make all these things happen, we have to integrate a lot of data before launch.

With our all-new dashboard, we’ve cut the time and effort it takes to provide that data and onboard a new customer. We’ve done a “soft-launch” of the redesigned dashboard with new clients since mid-July. The implementation process, previously consisting of 2 months of ongoing document collection, emails and calls, has been drastically shortened and simplified.

We’ve incorporated a new high-level timeline on the main page of the dashboard that helps ensure implementation stays on track. Clients can drill down further to individual benefits and provide detailed information at any time. We’re also incorporating a real-time benefits wallet preview feature, so you’ll know what a benefits card will look like to your members.


Improved Reporting and Insight (Q1 2020)

We’ll be expanding our reporting functionality to increase transparency into program performance. You’ll be able to understand how people are using HealthJoy over time, gauge member satisfaction, preview upcoming communications, and more. Put your finger on the pulse of your benefits package and get a clear understanding of what’s going on at that moment.

Custom Benefits Communication (Starting Q2 2020)
In the past, we’ve limited custom virtual assistant communications to enterprise clients. We are excited to offer two new options to all clients within our platform:

JOY Templates

Working with hundreds of clients, we’ve seen that many of their communication needs are similar, so we created JOY templates. These templates are proven communication scripts that will get your employees to engage with their benefits. You’ll just need to answer a few basic questions, select a release date, review the script, and click the “schedule” button. JOY will then automatically engage your employees at the appropriate time and let them know about your latest benefits updates. Templates are simple to use and require minimal writing.

HealthJoy Broadcaster

We’ll soon be launching our newest employee communication tool, HealthJoy Broadcaster. You’ll have complete control over your messages and notifications. We plan to add surveys, member segmentation, and more throughout the year.

2020 and beyond…

The ripple effects of our 2019 HealthJoy dashboard features and improvements will be felt for years to come. We will continue to improve our product for the member as well as those people who are working hard to provide their employees with the best benefits package possible.

Existing Customers: In the coming months, look for a message from your HealthJoy Customer Success Team with details on logging in to the new dashboard.

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