Introducing HealthJoy Rewards: Encourage Healthcare Shopping

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Product

Do you want your employees to shop for healthcare? Then give them an incentive to start shopping with HealthJoy Rewards. Our optional incentive program allows employers to offer monetary rewards to their employees for using fair-priced healthcare services. The amount of the rewards is fully customizable by the employer, but we provide nearly 100 recommendations based on industry best practices. The in-network cost for some procedures varies by up to 10X or more, so it’s no surprise that our program has an ROI of 6X for our beta customers.


How HealthJoy Rewards works for the employee

SHOP: HealthJoy members already ask us every day to confirm or find thousands of high-quality, fair-priced in-network providers for a variety of procedures. They’ll now have an extra incentive to ask us for advice.

SAVE: Recommendations that are rewards-eligible will contain a badge with the incentive amount. Members will also have access to the HealthJoy Rewards Center, which shows completed and open rewards.

EARN: Members can submit a photo of their EOB or bill to verify they followed our recommendation. HealthJoy can also work directly with cooperating TPAs so the employee can skip this step.

We’ll supply a file to the employer listing who should receive rewards and the corresponding amounts. Rewards can be payroll, gift cards, or even HSA contributions. The program is easy to launch and maintain. JOY, our virtual assistant, will educate members on rewards throughout the year and encourage them to shop for all their procedures.

Employers can use HealthJoy Rewards to encourage a wide variety of events, including:

  • Usage of specific facilities for procedures, labs, and diagnostics
  • Consultations and services provided by select providers
  • Utilization of prescription savings programs (coming in 2020)

You can add rewards to an employer’s HealthJoy account at any time. Speak to your Sales or Customer Success Manager for further details. If you would like to see a demo, please click here.

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