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by | Aug 5, 2020 | Product

Instructure’s team is behind the Canvas Learning Management Platform, the most widely adopted learning management system in North America. Their work simplifies online learning for millions of students and teachers across 70 countries every day. In other words, they understand the power of online education.

Like many learners, though, Instructure employees struggled to understand and use their employee benefits. As their questions mounted, Senior Benefits Manager Alli Mauss and her team lost hours weekly to employee questions. It added up to an estimated two weeks of lost time each year.

“We were answering a lot of the same questions over and over. Sometimes it felt like that movie Groundhog’s Day,” Mauss said.

To staunch the flow of questions,  Mauss’ team first tried building a company intranet system. They hoped it’d give employees the answers they craved and give them back time in their day.

While the intranet “helped a bit,” Mauss said, something was missing. Since the solution wasn’t mobile, employees couldn’t grab their insurance cards while waiting at the dentist or get answers about where to go for care. So, they still turned to  Mauss’ team.

“I felt like we were just back to square one,” Mauss said.

A centralized solution was in order. Mauss hoped to find a mobile platform ready to meet the needs and expectations of Instructure’s on-the-go workforce.

Answers at the speed of light

That’s where HealthJoy came in. Once the benefits experience platform was implemented, employees quickly began turning to it for answers, navigation guidance, and virtual healthcare support. Their benefits cards, insurance plan details, and even online medical appointments are always at their fingertips.

Best of all, Mauss said, was how quickly they grasped all the potential of the HealthJoy app—as shown by declining questions for her team.

“Once they’ve downloaded HealthJoy, we never hear benefits questions from our employees again. It’s like a one-stop-shop; it was like a switch,” Mauss said.

“HealthJoy is a lifesaver,” Mauss said. “My team can get so much more done because we’re not constantly answering questions.”

– Alli Mauss, Senior Benefits Manager at Instructure

A live team of healthcare concierges is on hand to help with questions and provide guidance. That’s key for Mauss’s team, because it means that when Instructure employees have questions, they can take them to HealthJoy instead of HR.

It’s resulted in a significant reduction in benefits questions and hours gained back every week. That’s especially crucial while the team juggles HR complications during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The administrative burden on our team is so much less”

Instructure wasn’t always sure HealthJoy was worth the investment, Mauss admits. But it quickly proved its value just in terms of time saved.

“We review our entire plan design every year. Whenever HealthJoy is on the table [to be eliminated from our benefits package], our management team is the first to say, “no, we are not getting rid of that,” Mauss said. “We’ve seen such a benefit for our employees. The administrative burden on the team is so much less.”


Eighty-two percent of Instructure employees have downloaded and activated HealthJoy since implementation. That number is driven by Mauss’s team, who make it practice to route all benefits questions to the HealthJoy app.

“Ninety percent of the time, if they’re asking a question, it’s because they just haven’t downloaded the app,” Alli explained.

Instructure employees turn to HealthJoy’s telemedicine offering at a rate well above typical carrier offerings. About 28% of Instructure employees used HealthJoy telemedicine last year. Instructure’s high employee adoption resulted in a cumulative savings of $359,854 since implementation. Productivity savings total $94,516, resulting in a total savings of $454,370.

“We consider HealthJoy an essential benefit,” Mauss said.

Want to learn more? Read our other case studies to learn how HealthJoy is helping companies of every size simplify the employee benefits experience.

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