How the HealthJoy Benefits Wallet Works

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Product

Using benefits is notoriously difficult. It seems that no matter how much is shared during Open Enrollment, when it comes to actually remembering, finding, and, and putting our benefits to use, a disconnect persists. This is especially true for under-the-radar benefits like telemedicine and employee assistance programs (EAP’s). In fact, in our recent State of the Benefits Experience Survey, only 11% of HR pros told us they believed their employees were aware of all the features of their EAP. The same group said basic questions, like where to find contact information, were the most frequently asked by employees.

HealthJoy’s benefits wallet brings everything together and makes it easy for our members to find and use their benefits. It’s customized to each member’s elected benefits, and flexible enough to support whatever plans HR teams have up their sleeves for the year ahead. In this post, we’ll offer a quick look at what employees and HR teams should know about how it works.

What is the benefits wallet?

The most important employee benefits information is all too often buried in a benefits booklet. When you need them, getting answers can mean toggling between an intranet site, a benefits portal, carrier and vendor websites, and a bunch of apps. In short, a confusing process gets even more frustrating. The HealthJoy wallet helps members get the facts, contact information, and plan details needed to make smart decisions.

First, it relies on a familiar format. This digital wallet, accessible from the menu, includes cards for each benefit. Just tap a card to see the most important details of each, such as contact information, deductible amounts, and copay costs. If you’ve ever rifled through your wallet in desperate search of a missing insurance ID card, you know just how valuable an always-available member version can be.


healthjoy benefits wallet and chat

Typically, HealthJoy adds a card for every benefit in your package, including health, vision, dental, wellness, EAP, behavioral health, pet insurance, prescription savings, and gym discounts. You can also connect your financial accounts, so near-real-time details on your HSA, FSA, HRA, 401k, and more are on hand for easy reference.

We tend to need our benefits most when time is short and tension is high. Think of the kid who’s sick in the middle of the night, the after-hours cough that develops into something more, or the copay question that only occurs to you in the doctor’s waiting room. The information in the benefits wallet—along with the right on-demand support from our healthcare concierge team—makes it simpler to make the right healthcare decisions, even under pressure.

Simplifying benefits for employees

Here’s how it might look to use the HealthJoy benefits wallet (inspired by a real story from one of our members!):

Imagine you’re experiencing mild respiratory symptoms but don’t want to go straight to the doctor. You open the HealthJoy app and flip to the benefits wallet, wondering about your options. With a few taps, you can see the cost of a primary care visit, your urgent care coverage, and details about resources for COVID-19, including online medical consultations.

You follow a few quick prompts and are set up for a virtual consultation with a medical provider. You talk within the hour, and he points out that since your symptoms are mild and you haven’t been exposed to coronavirus, you can stay home and monitor your health. You get to rest easier knowing that a provider is within reach. And, you know you’ve saved by choosing online medical consultations for a low flat fee.

Healthcare and benefits aren’t getting less complicated, but the benefits wallet means that at times like this, the most important information is always within reach.

A smart experience for HR

The HealthJoy benefits wallet not only drives a smart experience for employee members but for your HR team as well.

For starters, it helps reduce the confusion that leads to endless HR questions. Our State of the Benefits Experience Survey revealed that on average, HR is spending nearly one-quarter of its week answering benefits questions. And, as we already mentioned, many of those are basic—where to get help, how to find details, or about what’s covered. The benefits wallet keeps many of the answers they’re looking for in easy reach. That means employees won’t need to email you for ID cards. With the app in their pocket, they’re a few taps away.

And, with our newest product updates, it’s easy to focus on the exact details HR needs to answer those common questions. Through the HealthJoy dashboard, HR teams can customize the look, feel, and content of individual wallet cards. You can add sections to the card, format style and color, and change the hyperlinked text displayed on the card. You can even link out to a PDF for additional information. Even better, you can change what’s displayed at any time. Getting more questions about a specific benefit? Update the text to include key details. Need to add a card for a benefit? It’s all at your fingertips.

Finally, the benefits wallet can mean a smoother transition when you update or roll out new benefits—especially when teams are remote. Perhaps you want to debut a new wellness initiative for employees working from home or are instituting a ClassPass credit midway through the year. Even an expected change in the yearly plan design can create confusion and questions for HR, but the benefits wallet eliminates this problem by keeping the plan details updated. Employees don’t have to worry about where to find these changes because the benefits wallet serves as a single source of truth.

A wallet for their needs (and yours)

With the HealthJoy benefits wallet in hand, members can find the support and resources they need to make better healthcare decisions. That means less frustration for them and less of HR’s time down the drain. With new customizations and a personalized experience for everyone, it’s ready to evolve with your benefits package, no matter what the year ahead may bring.

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