NOTE: This service is no longer available!

HealthJoy has released the first publicly available tools that analyze Obamacare health insurance plans and compare the size of provider networks and prescription coverage. Due to recent federal requirements, insurance companies were required to supply all plan information in a standardized data format (MRF). Despite being available to the public for over 15 months, this data has gone largely unused by individuals and researchers because of inconsistent formatting and the lack of easy-to-use tools.

Over the past six months and with cooperation from a large number of insurance companies, HealthJoy has significantly improved the accuracy of the available data. The company is now releasing these tools for use by the public.

  • Insurance Company Network Comparison – Want to compare insurance plans in your city, zip code or state? This one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use tool will show you the insurance plan with the most doctors in your area by specialty.
  • Find a Doctor Tool – Although there are several doctor search tools on the Internet, HealthJoy has released the first one with extensive Obamacare plan information.
  • ACA Plan Data Compliance Checker – This tool, meant for researchers, scans the submitted health plan MRF data. It tracks errors and provides the error location and the type of error encountered.

“Today, HealthJoy uses this data to help its members make better healthcare decisions every day,” said Shanu Kurd, Chief Medical Officer at HealthJoy. “By releasing these tools to the public, we demonstrate HealthJoy’s dedication to helping all Americans become smarter shoppers of health insurance and healthcare.”


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