Why HealthJoy Partnered with Springbuk

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Product

At HealthJoy, we’ve spent a long time developing one of the most advanced employee healthcare guidance platforms available. We help employees save hours every year navigating the healthcare system and avoid pitfalls in healthcare spending. Our app offers a wide variety of services, including online doctor consultations, healthcare concierge, digital benefits wallet and an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant. This healthcare virtual assistant is at the center of our communication strategy, and results in a 25X greater engagement of our app when compared to other healthcare offerings.

As we sat down and considered what would make a revolutionary leap for our clients and healthcare in general, we looked at how artificial intelligence was being used most seamlessly in other industries. Take Netflix: based on the shows and movies you’ve already watched, they provide recommendations for future consumption. When you really think about that, it’s mind-blowing that we rely on algorithms to tell us which show to watch but don’t have that similar guidance for the black box of how to be healthy. People need personalized guidance to navigate healthcare at an affordable cost. So in looking at what we were missing to achieve that revolution – actionable, historical claims data with member-level analytics – it became immediately clear that Springbuk was the ideal partner.

With Springbuk we have access to a huge amount of actionable data to feed into our AI-powered platform. Our Concierge team is now able to perform outbound campaigns earlier in the care journey and help at-risk members lower costs while elevating health. For example, if someone receives a bone marrow biopsy, a Concierge member can reach out to the individual to offer assistance. These early markers allow our Concierge to conduct an outreach campaign and make sure all scheduled care is in-network, high quality, and lower cost. Springbuk allows us to invest for the greatest impact.

In looking at what would constitute the next healthcare revolution, we kept in mind our goal for each client of achieving positive ROI in the first month. From Day 1 with a client, the Springbuk data allows our virtual assistant to provide personalized guidance to each member. Throughout the year our virtual assistant can conduct large-scale outreach across an entire employer population based on claims data. We’re in the process of creating hundreds of health journeys targeting a wide variety of cases. These journeys use an employee’s plan design, network, formulary and more to deliver results. We expect that this data will have an exponential effect on the ROI of our product and supercharge results.

For Springbuk customers, integration of their data into HealthJoy happens instantaneously. Employees will automatically begin receiving more personalized messages based on their claims data. It also allows our Concierge to perform deeper outreach for at-risk customers and connect members with disease and case managers to resolve gaps in care. Companies can begin offering HealthJoy anytime, either during open enrollment or off-cycle, to improve the health of their employees and company.

To learn more about how these two powerful platforms are even better when leveraged together, request a demo of HealthJoy and mention that you’re interested in Springbuk as well.

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