Want to address mental health issues at your company with an EAP, but discouraged by poor utilization? Don’t worry – HealthJoy is launching the most advanced employee assistance program (EAP) that uses our artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant to make utilization skyrocket.

We’re supercharging EAP using the same technologies that led to a 10X increase in telemedicine utilization. HealthJoy EAP offers 24/7 support to your employees to address personal and professional struggles before they have lasting impacts.

Here’s what sets HealthJoy EAP apart from all other programs:



Instant access right from your smartphone


JOY and our concierge can direct care to our EAP


Our EAP lives in our app with all your other benefits


Year-round education keep the program top of mind



Personalized campaigns based on health plan usage

HealthJoy EAP gives your employees access to licensed counselors, social workers, and psychologists for short-term consulting. Other services that help employees maintain their work-life balance include help with finances, legal, elder care, estate planning, debt counseling, retirement assistance, and much more.

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