HealthJoy Receives “Chicago’s Best Places to Work” Award

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Company News

I’m excited and honored to announce on behalf of everyone at HealthJoy that Built In selected us as one of Chicago’s best places to work in 2020 in two categories: Best Places to Work and Best Midsize Companies to Work For.

Maria Christopoulos Katris, CEO and Co-Founder of Built In, explained the honor this way: “Built In aims to change lives by connecting talented tech professionals with jobs they were born to do. These companies have become part of that mission because they stand for more than just the work they’re doing. They stand for their people and purpose.”

Built In’s Best Places to Work list rates companies algorithmically based on compensation data and employer benefits. Rank is determined by combining a company’s score in each of these categories.

This is an honor, but most of all, it’s a recognition of the hard work our teammates at HealthJoy put into creating a product, and a culture, worthy of recognition. As a mission-driven company, we step into the office every day with the knowledge that we’re truly changing the healthcare and benefits experience.

As we look forward to hiring even more incredible talent in 2020, it’s exciting for me to look back at where we’ve been.

We started HealthJoy in 2014 with a mission to improve the healthcare experience. I needed an MRI and wanted to find an affordable service that worked with the high-deductible insurance plan I bought on the Affordable Care Act Healthcare Marketplace. I was stunned by how difficult that was.

The earliest iterations of HealthJoy were designed to guide individuals through selecting, using, and making the most of ACA insurance plans. We served 60,000 members with hundreds of different individual ACA insurance plans in all 50 states. In 2016, after garnering incredible interest from the corporate sector, we pivoted to the employer benefits space and haven’t looked back.

Our growth since then has been astronomical. We’ve received $23M in funding and served over 200K members at companies of all sizes, from SMB to Fortune 500.

Our mission expanded right along with our company. We’re now focused on improving the entire employee benefits and healthcare experience for every member. That’s an ambitious goal, but it’s what fuels our team, from developers and marketers to customer success and member services, every single day.

Like many of the tech companies honored by Built In this year, HealthJoy is built around an app. But we’re so much more. Since our earliest iterations, we’ve combined live support, AI tech, and a delightful consumer experience to make a complicated industry accessible for employees. As you can imagine, it takes a talented, nimble, and open-minded team to consistently deliver JOY to our members at companies of every size.

I’m looking forward to adding more inspiring talent to our team in 2020. We’re hiring across several departments in Chicago. If you’re interested in changing the future of healthcare, review our list of open positions and reach out.

Over the last year, we’ve been honored as Chicago’s Best Tech Startup, and now can officially call ourselves one of the city’s best places to work. As a co-founder, I’m incredibly grateful for the recognition the HealthJoy team has received over the last year. In the end, though, it’s just a public reflection of what I already know: We work with Chicago’s best, and we’re building something incredible together.

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