We’re Excited to Welcome Lake Norman Benefits as a HealthJoy Partner Agency

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Company News

We’re so excited to welcome our newest partner agency, Lake Norman Benefits, a nationally-recognized benefits consulting firm. Companies working with Lake Norman Benefits will now be able to leverage HealthJoy’s artificial intelligence-driven technology to engage employees and contain costs. 

Founded in 2008 by President David Contorno, Lake Norman Benefits, Inc. partners with business owners in North Carolina, Virginia and New York to provide customized employee benefits package design and implementation, with a focus on lowering costs and improving outcomes and employee wellbeing. Companies working with Lake Norman Benefits have cut their healthcare spend between 20 and 40% while reducing employee out of pocket costs and payroll deductions. Lake Norman Benefits was acquired by the Hilb Group in 2014, and is a top 30 insurance agency nationally. They have received both local and national accolades, being named Advisor of the Year in 2015 by BenefitsPRO magazine, and one of America’s Most Innovative Benefits Leaders by Forbes.

“Lake Norman Benefits is one of the most reputable and forward-thinking consultancy firms in the country for good reason. Their expertise is unmatched, their commitment to innovation is unprecedented, and their team is world-class,” said Doug Morse-Schindler, President and Co-Founder at HealthJoy. “They are the definition of best-in-class, and our core values are completely aligned. We couldn’t be more excited to call them a partner.”

“HealthJoy allows us to constantly and effectively engage employees to better and more confidently navigate a complex, inefficient healthcare system,” said David Contorno, President at Lake Norman Benefits. “Most importantly, the platform  delivers real, actionable intelligence to maximize physical health and significantly impact and lower the cost of care to both the patient and the employer.”

“It’s hard to be American and not understand that healthcare costs take a larger portion of company revenues and employee paychecks every year. When it comes to cost containment, it’s one thing to provide benefits, and it is entirely another to change behaviors and direct people to the resources they need to be informed consumers.” said Nick Taylor, CFO at Morgan Creek Capital, a Lake Norman Benefits client out of Chapel Hill, NC and HealthJoy user. “We were impressed by the comprehensive nature of the solution, and the level of personalization the platform provides. Using HealthJoy, we’ve already saved 50% more in a third of the time as compared to the last tool we introduced to our employees.”

About HealthJoy 

HealthJoy’s mission is to transform broken healthcare experiences for employees and their families through artificial intelligence-driven technology, curated resources, and expert service.

HealthJoy’s mobile app features an intelligent virtual assistant, JOY, that makes navigating healthcare a personalized, proactive conversation for members. Whether connecting with a doctor virtually or a local specialist, researching a procedure, lowering prescription costs, or negotiating a medical bill, employees simply chat with JOY whenever they need help. The platform integrates a company’s health plan information and other benefits for personalized recommendations and is fully supported by a HealthJoy’s expert concierge team for more complex issues, saving money, time, and frustration.

For companies, HealthJoy’s platform provides comprehensive engagement, communications and cost containment tools that deliver unrivaled utilization rates and actionable insights. The platform also gives HR teams the ability to leverage push notifications to send personalized, relevant information to employees, and saves HR teams time by empowering employees to solve their own health care problems. 

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