Sometimes people think eating healthy is hard, these 7 graphics make eating healthy easy.

#1 When we discovered the Mason Jar Salad around here, we all became converts at the office!

From the amazing Beth Hornback at Eat Within Your Means

This make packing a salad for lunch to the office a snap! Check out the simple recipe here.

#2 Ever come home from work almost too tired to lift a fork? Try these 5 minute “meals.”
5 Minute mealsFrom Women’s Health written by Robin Hilmantel

7 simple meals from Woman’s Health  “What Nutritionists Eat When They Only Have 5 Minutes to Prep a Meal.”

#3 Nuts are loaded with healthy fats and make a great snack.

Calories in NutsFrom Daily Burn “What 200 Calories of Nuts Looks Like

#4 We wish we could afford to buy everything organic but this graphic will help you remember what to really spend your money on.The-Dirty-Dozen-What-to-Buy-Organic

From Daily Burn “The Dirty Dozen: What to Buy Organic [INFOGRAPHIC]

#5 Fruit is such a natural and nutritious snack but it’s good to know your serving sizes.

Fruit serving sizes

Via – photos by Grace Hitchcock

#6 We have some Paleo fans in the office, here’s a quick guide.

From “The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo” on the Greatist

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Eating-Paleo2#7 Get back on the wagon! Clean up your diet in 5 weeks.

tumblr_mak0v4t1qC1qz887do1_r2_500From “Clean up your diet in 5 weeks” by Franchesca

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