Digital health has arrived – Find out about the 10 Digital Health Startups to Watch!

In 2014, investment in health-technology companies surpassed $4.1 billion, nearly the total of all three prior years combined. A broad spectrum of startups gained funding, including wearable-makers, analytics vendors, and new medical devices.

But the press has focused its attention on just a tiny fraction of these promising startups. Companies that win headlines tend to fit a certain mold: The product is trendy; the founders are twenty-something college drop-outs; the offices are based in a tech hub like San Francisco; and the team is backed by a trendy venture capital firm or startup accelerator.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for America’s most promising, but relatively-unknown companies. Over a dozen health experts [skip to the bottom for the full list of names] submitted their suggestions to KQED and we whittled it down to just ten.

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