How HealthJoy is Responding to COVID-19

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Company News

I’d like to provide an update on how HealthJoy is handling the current COVID-19 outbreak.

We understand the exceptional pressure that all business and HR leaders are experiencing at this time. While this virus is running its course and continues to be a looming unknown for the coming months, we want to remind you that HealthJoy is here for you, your employees, and their families. We have planned, and are executing, our pandemic continuity plan to support all of you during these times with the same speed, quality, and access that you have always enjoyed from our team. We have instituted many policies to ensure our workforce is healthy and able to handle your team’s needs for the future.

During this time, we’re encouraging clients to remind employees that HealthJoy telemedicine can be used for non-emergency issues in the comfort of the homes, avoiding unnecessary exposure to potential pathogens in care facilities. For customers with HealthJoy EAP, we can also support your employee’s mental health during these stressful times. Also, as the pressure on the provider systems increases, we are here to ensure our members can still access affordable, high-quality healthcare. Please remind your employees we are an available resource.

In an effort to be totally transparent, here are the active policies we are instituting at HealthJoy, effective last Friday, to ensure our continuity of service:

  • We’ve closed our physical Chicago office and are requiring employees to work from home through the end of March at a minimum. We’ll continue to assess the ongoing situation and extend or alter work arrangements as necessary. We’ve updated all our policies and procedures to ensure business continuity for our customers and teams so that HealthJoy remains a safe, productive, and comfortable place to work. We will depend on video conferencing and virtual meetings to minimize disruption.
  • We have issued new protocols for employee business travel to limit and reduce the potential of exposing our team members, customers, or business guests to coronavirus. We have suspended all international travel, domestic events, and have severely restricted domestic business travel. This will affect travel for in-person customer visits; we encourage all parties to handle these meetings with video conferencing.
  • We have formed an internal COVID-19 Response Team that meets regularly to review new information. We’ll be re-evaluating our protocols to reflect the current state of the pandemic, align and manage cross-functional responses, and share regular ongoing communication around HealthJoy’s COVID-19 response.
  • The HealthJoy Business Continuity Plan ensures that your customer success team, member services team, and support continue to be available, despite the challenges of the current environment. You can reach your assigned customer success manager at any time as before.
  • We are closely monitoring guidance from the CDC and WHO to ensure that our policies and practices keep our teams safe and healthy. We are actively adjusting our policies to reflect the latest recommendations, and we will advise if there is any impact on our ability to support you now or in the future.
  • Most importantly, we are encouraging our employees to be mindful of their health and embrace the healthy habits that are part of our collective responsibility to slow the spread of coronavirus.

We hope everyone stays safe during these times and in the best of health. The HealthJoy team is here to support you in your time of need.



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