The Most Utilized Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is Here

The Most Utilized Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is Here

Want to address mental health issues at your company with an EAP, but discouraged by poor utilization? Don’t worry – HealthJoy is launching the most advanced employee assistance program (EAP) that uses our artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant to make utilization skyrocket.

We’re supercharging EAP using the same technologies that led to a 10X increase in telemedicine utilization. HealthJoy EAP offers 24/7 support to your employees to address personal and professional struggles before they have lasting impacts.

Here’s what sets HealthJoy EAP apart from all other programs:



Instant access right from your smartphone


JOY and our concierge can direct care to our EAP


Our EAP lives in our app with all your other benefits


Year-round education keep the program top of mind



Personalized campaigns based on health plan usage

HealthJoy EAP gives your employees access to licensed counselors, social workers, and psychologists for short-term consulting. Other services that help employees maintain their work-life balance include help with finances, legal, elder care, estate planning, debt counseling, retirement assistance, and much more.

Ensuring Your Security and Privacy Within HealthJoy

Ensuring Your Security and Privacy Within HealthJoy

At HealthJoy, we believe that privacy is your fundamental right. We design every technical system, process, service from the ground up to protect your information. We understand that your healthcare data is the most personal information possible and take extreme care when working with it. We never share a member’s data with their employer, spouse or any other 3rd party without consent. We are 100 percent compliant with all federal privacy laws as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which has strict guidelines on how to handle data. 

Only You Can Access Your HealthJoy Account

You can secure your HealthJoy account easily with a password that meets password best practices in use today- i.e. at least eight characters long that contains digits, alphanumeric and standard characters. You can create millions of possible combinations. You can also use advanced security technologies such as Touch ID or Face ID to log into your account.

Your Healthcare Data Belongs To You

We understand that when it comes to your health and health records, these are private matters. We will never share your data with your employer, under any circumstance. The only data we may share with an employer is aggregated data that’s 100 percent anonymous to protect privacy. An employer will never see your health record. All aggregated data presented is based on the entire employee population, so your employer might view how many online medical consultations happened in April for the whole company, but they will never know you performed five for your family that month. HealthJoy doesn’t gather personal information to sell to advertisers or other organizations.

Fort Knox Approach To Data

We are serious about cybersecurity, our data and how the handling of that data complies with all HIPAA federal requirements and we take it much further. We only use 256-bit encryption within our app and to store all data. Our data center is SOC2 compliant. SOC2 is an auditing procedure that ensures your data is securely managed and processed.

Robust Employee Training

Our employees provide you and your family with confidential, one-on-one help in navigating the complex healthcare system. They are trained to work with providers, facilities, insurance companies, and other health-related organizations to resolve complex issues. They also go through extensive training on HIPAA and how to handle any data. If at any point they need to work with a 3rd party on your behalf with sensitive information, they will get your approval and will not proceed without it. Every one of our employees understands the trust our members place in us each day.

Your Transactions Are Safe

Your peace of mind is our highest priority. Our app connects with 3rd party financial accounts including 401k, HSA, FSA, HRA and many more.  We’re serious about security and use cutting-edge technology to ensure your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored. For members with high deductible health plans that have a medical consultation fee, we utilize, a PCI Service Provider Level 1, that manages billions of dollars every year in transactions for the largest companies in the world. Our company never stores your financial information on our servers.

Only The Best Partners In The Business

Your mother was right, people judge by who you associate with, and we take that to heart. We only work with companies that are entirely HIPAA compliant that handle your data with care. We make sure through both process and technology that we treat all information correctly. We require HIPAA business associate agreements (BAA) in place with each of our partners to maintain PHI security and overall HIPAA compliance

HealthJoy Product Update: Summer 2018

HealthJoy Product Update: Summer 2018

It’s officially summer, the best time of year in Chicago. We’ve been hitting up a bunch of street fests and watching the 4th of July fireworks at Navy Pier but don’t worry, we’ve been hard at work improving our product. Our summer release has a bunch of goodies for both our users and tools for our Concierge staff to deliver outstanding results. As always we’ve also sprinkled a little more artificial intelligence into our product as well.

Rx Decision Center

We’ve made some changes to both the front and backend when it comes to delivering drug savings. Our graphics team has spent countless hours to get everything pixel perfect, and our UI designers have created a layout that’s easier to understand. We’ve also redesigned the backend to make it easier for our Concierge to deliver results.

Health Opportunities

For companies that have either connected an analytics platform to our system or are working with a TPA that supplies us claims data, we now display health opportunities to our members. These opportunities are based on historical claims data and make recommendations based on industry best practices. Here are a few reasons for new opportunities:

  • Age-based or seasonal screenings
  • Recommended vaccines
  • Inappropriate prescribed medications
  • Suggested medication based on evidence-based guidelines

Implementation Workspace

When launching HealthJoy at a company, we now have an easy to use self-serve tool FOR HR to make sure everything is perfect.  They can upload eligibility files, essential documents, plan information and more. They can add company logos, preview the benefits wallet, and customize the experience.

New Reporting

We’ve automated and redesigned our company reports. They are now gorgeous and make understanding the success of your program as easy as possible. It’s full of charts that give you a quick snapshot on how you’re doing, and we’ll even let you know how you’re doing versus other companies. We distribute these reports every month

Bringing AI to eligibility files

Eligibility files can be a source of frustration for both HR and brokers. A single error within a file will sometimes break other systems. To streamline the process, we’ve created a system that uses artificial intelligence and fuzzy matching to make the whole process work easier.

New Demo Experience

We’ve rolled out a new demo experience for people testing out the app. Our consulting partners will appreciate the updates.

HealthJoy Product Update: Winter 2018

HealthJoy Product Update: Winter 2018

The end of winter is upon us, and here in Chicago we are looking forward to the Spring flowers blooming. This is a fairly big update for us but many of the improvements will happen in the backend to our custom built Member Management CRM Platform. This CRM is what we use to service our members. That doesn’t mean we’ve left out a few goodies for our members. You got some fun toys to play with that will improve your healthcare experience. As always, this is a free update for anyone that has the HealthJoy service at their company.

Richer Inbox Cards

We’ve completely redesigned our inbox cards. If you issue a service request, you’ll now receive the information in our new, easy to read card layout. It contains more information and actionable shortcuts to call a provider, get driving directions and much more.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

For eligible accounts, we will now show your HSA balance information right from within the app. You’ll always know how much money you got to spend on your healthcare, right from within your benefits wallet.

Health Insurance Deductible

Your deductible is a specific amount your health insurance plan requires you to pay out of pocket toward medical expenses each year. You can now view your deductible and out of pocket limits for both you and your family from your plan benefits screen (for eligible plans.)


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Meet Brad Aaron – HealthJoy’s New COO

Meet Brad Aaron – HealthJoy’s New COO

The team at HealthJoy is excited to announce that we have a new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Brad Aaron. Brad brings 20 years of operational and legal experience in the technology, healthcare, and SaaS space. He has a long track record of helping build high performing teams, process and performance improvements, strategic planning and legal matters. At HealthJoy, his main focus will be streamlining processes to improve the company’s ability to scale as we onboard more clients.

Prior to HealthJoy, Brad served as the COO of MethodCare, a SaaS offering that used prorprietary predictive analytics to detect anomalies and trends in patient billing and clinical data to identify lost revenue, improve cash flow and increase patient safety for hospitals throughout the United States. Brad managed all operational aspects of the company, including finance, human resources, account management, corporate development and all legal matters. During Brad’s tenure at MethodCare, the company experienced growth from 13 employees to almost 90 employees as revenue increased from approximately $1MM to over $25MM. Brad also managed the successful sale of MethodCare to ZirMed. Previous to MethodCare, he worked for Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Q Interactive and FreeDrive.

“We are extremely excited to have Brad agree to a full-time role as our COO during this period of exponential growth,” said Justin Holland, Co-Founder and CEO of HealthJoy. “Brad’s leadership and operational experience will ensure that we deliver an even better client and member experience as we scale.”

Brad, We are excited to have you join us. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m delighted to officially be part of the HealthJoy team. For the last couple of years, I’ve been consulting with several startups in the Chicago area that specialize in healthcare and education technology. I love the excitement of working with a startup and periods of high growth. Prior to that I was COO of MethodCare for four years. They were a fast-growing HealthTech startup during my time at the company until we sold it to ZirMed.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, moved to Chicago after college in 1993 and love the city. During the summer I like spending time in the outdoors, playing golf and sailing. In the winter I love to cook and see live music. I went to college at Tufts University, where I got a bachelor’s degree in political science before getting my law degree at Northwestern.

So, why did you decide to join HealthJoy?

That was pretty easy actually. I’ve been consulting in the healthcare startup space for a few years and I’ve heard a lot about HealthJoy in the press. I knew that using technologies such as artificial intelligence, data mining and virtual assistants was going to massively disrupt the healthcare and employee benefits space, so I had been keeping an eye on the company. When chatting with someone at Chicago Ventures, they thought I would be a good fit at HealthJoy and I jumped at the chance to speak with them. Once I met the team at HealthJoy, I got even more excited. The team is an amazing group of really smart and driven people that want to change healthcare.

What’s the first project you look forward to tackling at HealthJoy?

There are so many new companies coming onboard as clients, so I want to help streamline the onboarding process and make it as seamless as possible for companies to roll out HealthJoy. Everyone knows that healthcare is complex, so we want to make sure that our onboarding process is dead simple to roll out. We also want to make sure we WOW new customers right from the start. I’ve already dug into the numbers and it’s incredible to see the ROI companies are getting within 30 days of rolling out our service. We want to make sure they can see those savings and we can share that story with the market.

Why HealthJoy Partnered with Springbuk

Why HealthJoy Partnered with Springbuk

At HealthJoy, we’ve spent a long time developing one of the most advanced employee healthcare guidance platforms available. We help employees save hours every year navigating the healthcare system and avoid pitfalls in healthcare spending. Our app offers a wide variety of services, including online doctor consultations, healthcare concierge, digital benefits wallet and an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant. This healthcare virtual assistant is at the center of our communication strategy, and results in a 25X greater engagement of our app when compared to other healthcare offerings.

As we sat down and considered what would make a revolutionary leap for our clients and healthcare in general, we looked at how artificial intelligence was being used most seamlessly in other industries. Take Netflix: based on the shows and movies you’ve already watched, they provide recommendations for future consumption. When you really think about that, it’s mind-blowing that we rely on algorithms to tell us which show to watch but don’t have that similar guidance for the black box of how to be healthy. People need personalized guidance to navigate healthcare at an affordable cost. So in looking at what we were missing to achieve that revolution – actionable, historical claims data with member-level analytics – it became immediately clear that Springbuk was the ideal partner.

With Springbuk we have access to a huge amount of actionable data to feed into our AI-powered platform. Our Concierge team is now able to perform outbound campaigns earlier in the care journey and help at-risk members lower costs while elevating health. For example, if someone receives a bone marrow biopsy, a Concierge member can reach out to the individual to offer assistance. These early markers allow our Concierge to conduct an outreach campaign and make sure all scheduled care is in-network, high quality, and lower cost. Springbuk allows us to invest for the greatest impact.

In looking at what would constitute the next healthcare revolution, we kept in mind our goal for each client of achieving positive ROI in the first month. From Day 1 with a client, the Springbuk data allows our virtual assistant to provide personalized guidance to each member. Throughout the year our virtual assistant can conduct large-scale outreach across an entire employer population based on claims data. We’re in the process of creating hundreds of health journeys targeting a wide variety of cases. These journeys use an employee’s plan design, network, formulary and more to deliver results. We expect that this data will have an exponential effect on the ROI of our product and supercharge results.

For Springbuk customers, integration of their data into HealthJoy happens instantaneously. Employees will automatically begin receiving more personalized messages based on their claims data. It also allows our Concierge to perform deeper outreach for at-risk customers and connect members with disease and case managers to resolve gaps in care. Companies can begin offering HealthJoy anytime, either during open enrollment or off-cycle, to improve the health of their employees and company.

To learn more about how these two powerful platforms are even better when leveraged together, request a demo of HealthJoy and mention that you’re interested in Springbuk as well.