BKCW Insurance and HealthJoy Partner in Texas

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Company News

Hello, Texas! We’re very excited to welcome our newest benefit advisor partner BKCW Insurance, Risk Management & Benefits. Now, companies working with BKCW will be able to leverage artificial intelligence-driven cost containment and engagement technology for their employees within the benefits strategies BKCW Insurance delivers.

Founded in 1952, BKCW Insurance is a third-generation family-run operation with a vast book of business spanning several industries. With offices in Austin and Killeen, TX, they are capable of handling any type of insurance risk with the knowledge, professionalism, and integrity that only an award-winning agency of 60+ years can provide. Currently, BKCW operates primarily in the state of Texas, but has clients with operations in 37 states. During the last 25 years, BKCW has established itself as a leader in providing customized insurance programs to a number of specialty industries. BKCW has been recognized by the Independent Insurance and Brokers of America (IIABA) as a Best Practices agency for 17 consecutive years and as the Top Performing Agency in its size class for four different years.

“BKCW pairs a history of expertise and excellence in client success with a forward-thinking approach to employee benefits and technology.” Said Doug Morse-Schindler, President and Co-Founder of HealthJoy. “Healthcare costs have continued to take a larger portion of business bottom lines and employee paychecks, and BKCW understands that stopping that vicious cycle starts with engaging employees and empowering them to make better decisions. Their reputation in their market is unmatched, and we are honored to take this solution to their clients together.”

“Containing costs and mitigating risk for the companies we work with starts with changing the way that employees and their families interact with the healthcare system. They need tools to help make the easy choice the best choice, not only for their health, but for their wallet,” said Tyler Spears, Managing Partner at BKCW. “healthjoy.combines artificial intelligence and personal service to provide users an integrated and dynamic platform to access their healthcare resulting in smarter and more timely decisions. We are very excited to bring this solution to our clients.”

For more information on this exciting announcement, reach out to Tad Dorroh at BKCW at 254-699-7100 or via email at t.dorroh@bkcw.com

About HealthJoy

HealthJoy’s mission is to transform broken healthcare experiences for employees and their families through artificial intelligence-driven technology, curated resources, and expert service.

HealthJoy’s mobile app features an intelligent virtual assistant, JOY, that makes navigating healthcare a personalized, proactive conversation for members. Whether connecting with a doctor virtually or a local specialist, researching a procedure, lowering prescription costs, or negotiating a medical bill, employees simply chat with JOY whenever they need help. The platform integrates a company’s health plan information and other benefits for personalized recommendations, and is fully supported by a HealthJoy’s expert concierge team for more complex issues, saving money, time, and frustration.

For companies, HealthJoy’s platform provides comprehensive engagement, communications and cost containment tools that deliver unrivaled utilization rates and actionable insights. The platform also gives HR teams the ability to leverage push notifications to send personalized, relevant information to employees, and saves HR teams time by empowering employees to solve their own health care problems. 

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