Bill review

Simplifying the healthcare billing experience

Medical billing errors are common. We will review, advise and advocate for your employees when issues arise, saving them time, money, and aggravation.

Bringing your employees peace of mind

Our medical billing experts can review any bill your employees suspect contains an error. Experts will answer any questions, explain benefits, and offer confidence in a bill’s accuracy.

Expert advice, on-demand

Even when a medical bill is correct, charges can be unexpected. We offer advice to deal with large bills. Our experts can recommend discounts, financial assistance, payment plans, financing, and more.

We advocate for your employees

When a billing issue arises, there are often multiple parties involved. We’ll coordinate between entities to get everyone on the same page. Our seasoned advocates stand by your employees and work toward concessions to ensure bills are fairly priced – our average time spent per completed case is 36 hours.

See the future of benefits

With HealthJoy’s personalized guidance and AI tech, improving your benefits experience has never been easier. Schedule a demo today.