Improve Employee Mental Health While Boosting Productivity

Our virtual behavioral health program provides access to high-quality, convenient, and confidential mental health services.

Simple, Effective, and Confidential

We give employees speedy access to seasoned therapists – wherever they are located. Sessions can be scheduled in as little as 24 hours, with the same provider every time. These therapists develop treatment plans with an employee’s input.

A Seamless Experience

One in five Americans are dealing with a mental health issue, yet fewer than half receive treatment. Our mental health offering is fully integrated into the HealthJoy app, and employees can book appointments with a few taps of a finger. Our concierges and virtual assistant can also assist your employees in getting the care they need through our app.

Technology to Drive Utilization

Our centralized experience and technology reduces friction and stigma, making it easy for employees to take the next step and get the help they need. Our virtual assistant, JOY, reminds members of this feature while requesting other mental health services. She will also educate members year-round about our offering to ensure your employees get the help they need.

See the future of benefits

With HealthJoy’s personalized guidance and AI tech, improving your benefits experience has never been easier. Schedule a demo today.