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Reach your goals with a platform that drives unprecedented utilization and engagement.


Telemedicine that’s easily forgotten? Not anymore. Help more employees get the convenient, low-cost care they need with our industry-leading solution. It’s fully integrated into the HealthJoy app, so help is just a few taps away. And JOY is always there to help and point employees to our accredited providers, 24/7. With JOY’s help, our telemedicine rates are among the highest in the industry.

HealthJoy EAP

Employees need more support than ever but rarely know where to start. Traditional solutions are difficult to remember and access. HealthJoy’s employee assistance program (EAP) uses our AI assistant to skyrocket utilization. Our 24/7 support for personal and professional struggles is fully integrated into the HealthJoy app.


HealthJoy employee assistance program (EAP) is the most advanced in the industry, using artificial intelligence to skyrocket utilization. We offer 24/7 support to help your employees address personal and professional struggles.

HealthJoy Behavioral Health

Break down the barriers separating employees from mental health support with our Behavioral Health solution. We’ll encourage engagement and make it simple to connect with licensed therapists through the app.

HealthJoy Rewards

Employees don’t understand how much their healthcare choices affect their wallets and your bottom line. Give them a simple incentive for healthcare shopping with HealthJoy Rewards. We’ll recommend a fair-priced service through our provider and facility search feature, then help you send a reward when they take our recommendations.

HealthJoy Rewards

Encourage employee healthcare shopping with our HealthJoy Rewards incentive program. We’ll offer a custom monetary reward when an employee uses a fairly-priced recommendation. We’ll work with you to choose from over 100 recommended rewards based on ROI-boosting best practices.

Bring Your Own (BYO)

When you roll out a new cost-containment strategy, HealthJoy is ready to help you achieve your goals. Want to encourage employees to enroll in your new wellness plan? Wondering how to direct them to your on-site clinic? No matter the strategy, HealthJoy is built to drive utilization with AI technology and live support.

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