About HealthJoy

Born in Chicago

Our Mission & Vision

We are simplifying the healthcare and benefits experience for every member.

HealthJoy is the first and only benefits experience platform. We provide a single source of truth with personalized guidance and support, helping employees navigate the healthcare system and all their benefits with confidence and ease.

About HealthJoy

HealthJoy began in 2014 with a routine MRI. Our co-founder wanted to find an affordable service that worked with his high-deductible insurance plan. He couldn’t believe how difficult that became.

We started the company in a rented house Chicago’s River North neighborhood, with an “office” on the floor next to the kitchen and our founders living above. The earliest iterations of HealthJoy were designed to guide individuals through selecting, using, and making the most of ACA insurance plans. Using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining, we served 60,000 members with hundreds of different individual ACA insurance plans in all 50 states in 2015.

In 2016, after garnering incredible interest from the corporate sector, we pivoted to the employer benefits space and haven’t looked back. We now service companies of all sizes, from SMB to Fortune 500.









Our Values

🤯  Open Mind
🤝  No Ego
👍  Accountable
🤩  Deliver JOY
🤗  Care

Come work with us

We like cold brew, office dogs, and monthly happy hours. We don’t care how you look, where you’re from, or how many tattoos you’re hiding. Instead, we’re totally focused on building a diverse group of caring people who want to change the way we use our employee healthcare and our benefits. Our offices in Chicago, Dnipro, and Kyiv are hiring. Join us?